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Beautiful Feet Mission Trips

Beautiful Feet Mission in Ft. Worth, TX is a ministry that has been supported through weekend mission trips for over 30 years by churches in Southeast Kansas. Over the past 8 years this missions opportunity has become one of the SEKBA’s supported mission trips. These trips are offered during the third weekend of January and February. Beautiful Feet mission trips are for anyone over the age of 10 years old and there are opportunities to serve no matter the skill set you have or think you don’t have.

It is our aim to give our association of churches an easy on ramp into mission work and we believe this trip offers that on ramp. The cost to go on this trip is $30 per person, $50 per couple & $70 per family.

If you would like to go on one of these trips please talk with your local church pastor before filling out the forms that are on our site. If you have already talked with your pastor about attending this trip and are ready to fill out your registration form click the link below.